The company is set to become a leader in the manufacturing of LEGA aluminum profile systems, with full responsibility to the consumers and a clear understanding of the customers’ needs.

The company’s mission is to promote development of Tajikistan in the area of construction and architectural glazing by using innovative technologies and the latest professional equipment.

The choice of aluminum profile manufacturing is primarily explained by realizing the importance of protecting the environment, maintaining healthy climate inside the buildings using our products. Taking care of the comfort and safety of our consumers, we use aluminum, which does not contain heavy metals, is resistant to sharp temperature fluctuations, corrosion, UV and acid rain.

We win the hearts and minds of our customers thanks to impeccable quality, reliable and solid products and prompt delivery of all your orders. We keep an eye on warehouse inventory to make sure our customers can work promptly and efficiently. Close cooperation with the customers helps build long and productive relationships.

Our company’s philosophy is focused on constantly improving the quality of our products. We go the extra mile to produce aluminum profile with supreme precision and utmost purity. We are focused on maintaining outstanding quality, so as to make our products safe, durable and reliable in operation. We guarantee the quality of LEGA aluminum profiles, which are made of eco-friendly materials, on advanced equipment, by a team of professionals and in strict accordance with the customer’s requirements.


This combination of caring about the consumer, meeting the customer’s needs and remaining faithful to unsurpassed quality is what sets LEGA brand apart.

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