By Resolution of the Founders’ Meeting

TajProf LLC JV

Minutes No.16, June 19, 2015



The main goal of TajProf LLC JV operation is the production of aluminum profiles for windows, doors and curtain walls for our customers (organizations and workshops engaged in production of ready windows and doors, and individual customers) and growing the business value.


We understand quality as reliable, solid, durable, prompt and efficient actions. The Company’s policy in this area is based on the following principles:

-          Declare 2015-2016 the year of QMS implementation;

-          Achieve and maintain high quality level of the profiles produced;

-          Meet existing and future needs of the customers in every aspect;

-          Ensure compliance with GOST requirements and international standards;

-          Make every employee responsible for their performance and improvement of the work methods;

-          Ensure ongoing improvement of the quality management system and compliance with QMS requirements.


Following the principles above, the company maintains its work quality in the area of company management, customer relationships, financial activities and labor force and technologies. The following key objectives are addressed in particular:


In the area of company management:

- ensure compliance of the quality management system with the ISO 9001 requirements,  ongoing attempts to increase its performance and efficiency.


In the area of customer relationships:

- build long-term partner relations with the customers;

- ensure protection of the customers’ interests;

- maintain an efficient feedback mechanism.


In the area of financial activities:

- expand the range and volumes of profiles manufactured (develop new profile systems);

- maintain profitability of the production process.


In the area of labor force:

- employees maintain the company’s business reputation as a reliable brand offering high quality products and respecting its customers, partners and competitors;

- employees understand the company’s goals and the importance of each employee’s contribution in meeting these goals;

- increase labor efficiency.


In the area of technologies:

- develop and improve technologies in the area of production of aluminum alloys and profiles.


By meeting these objectives, the company assumes the following obligations to the customers:

- providing high-quality profiles in a timely manner and in accordance with the requirements;

- constantly improving the quality of profiles manufactured;

- aspire to improve the performance of the Quality Management System.

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